Discovering Greece

  For foreigners or exapatriate Greeks, MILIAS CAMPS is organizing vacation excursions with sports and tours in Greece.

Furthermore lessons are given, on the spot at the places that we visit, about Greece, our cultural heritage and the Greek language.

Children will have the chance to visit Delfi and Olympia where the Olympic Games started, walk through Greek mountains and swim in the beautiful sea of the Aegean. Furthermore they can, if they wish, try their skills on various mountain and sea sports such as kayaking, windsurfing, rock climbing etc.

These programs are ideal for groups of children that can participate along with their teachers and can be formed according to the groups' wishes and needs.

PERIODS: All year

NECESSARY GEAR: Most things are supplied from us. Backpack, flashlight, bathing suit, water canteen, towels and a second pair of shoes are essential.

DIFFICULTY: No previous experience is necessary. The difficulty level of each activity is set according to the participating children's capabilities.

RESIDENCE: Hotels, hostels, wooden houses or tents.